Training as a transformative experience for people and organisations.

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A stimulus for the improvement of people and teams in the same ecosystem.

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This is your time, achieve your goals. We accompany you to reach them.

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Frederic Charrier is the driving force and one of the architects of TALENT IN PEOPLE as a business project.

In his more than 25 years of experience in the exciting world of training consultancy, Frederic has led dozens of projects in more than 100 top-level companies, contributing to the training and development of some 10,000 people from all areas and levels of responsibility.

Frederic designs and teaches programmes in three languages: Spanish, English, and French. He has a degree in Pedagogy, a degree in Languages Applied to Economics and a double master’s degree in Business Studies and Human Resources Management.

He is an expert in the use of experiential methodologies and activities.

Consultor de formación atiende una llamada telefónica
Consultor de formación atiende una llamada telefónica


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All our training and coaching programmes can be carried out remotely and we adapt to the platform used by each of our clients. We adjust the schedules and the development of each programme in its virtual modality to facilitate learning and make it more flexible for participants and organisations. At the same time, we ensure the experiential component of the training using gamification tools and methodologies that we integrate into our learning processes and itineraries.