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This is your time, achieve your goals. We accompany you to reach them.

At Talent in Coaching, we develop individual learning and personal growth processes aimed at obtaining changes in professional behaviour so that the people who receive them and their closest professional environment can perceive their impact and effectiveness.

Coaching processes provide differentiating elements with respect to other types of programmes that make them particularly powerful:

  • They are based on personalised adaptation to specific objectives linked to the professional’s development in his or her company.
  • They focus on the realisation of an individual plan adapted to a specific professional and personal situation.
  • They are directed towards improving the performance of an individual and his or her productivity.
  • They help to detect internal barriers and limiting beliefs that hinder professional development.
  • They support the development of specific competences such as leadership, communication, decision-making, or conflict resolution.


Talent in Coaching


Talent in Coaching

Our methodology is based on reflective questioning and empathetic listening. This is the starting point that the coach uses to help the individual:

  • Find their own answers and make their own decisions considering their values, expectations, and personality.
  • Identify and enhance their areas of improvement.
  • Take ownership of their limitations, prejudices or negative beliefs about themselves or their abilities, and implement actions that promote overcoming them or turning them into positive ones.

Coaching assumes that each person is unique and different and that there are no generic formulas or universal solutions. Therefore, the coach accompanies the person in their process of change without offering solutions or advice, but with a firm commitment to:

  • Mobilise and engage the individual towards his or her goals.
  • Encourage the person to look at reality from a different perspective.
  • Help him or her to develop coping behaviours.

The established action plan involves the individual undertaking actions between sessions, which is a key aspect of this methodology.

Coaching sessions can be conducted face-to-face or remotely via telephone or video calls.


Talent in Coaching

His passion for interpersonal relationships and his personal mission to help people improve their skills and abilities naturally led Frederic Charrier to take an interest in coaching in order to broaden his capacity to intervene.

Since January 2013 he has been a certified coach in co-active coaching by the CTI (Co-Active Training Institute).

In addition to leading numerous coaching processes, both personal and professional, Frederic incorporates this methodology in different training programmes with the aim of carrying out subsequent follow-up activities and enhancing the results obtained over time.

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