Talent in Motivation
Formador en liderazgo y motivación de equipos


A stimulus for the improvement of people and teams in the same ecosystem.

When pursuing non-training objectives for the development of teams and organisations, Talent in Motivation provides different programmes and tailor-made solutions aimed at:

  • Promoting commitment and creating a sense of belonging.
  • Creating and developing high-performance teams.
  • Strengthening intra- and inter-departmental relations.
  • Encouraging cohesion and cooperation in work groups.
  • Motivating and building confidence in times of change and transformation.


Talent in Motivation


Talent in Motivation

Talent in Motivation programmes are usually carried out according to the following development scheme:

  1. Starting point:
  • Climate survey or any other tool used by the company to detect needs.
  • Situation of change that requires different attitudes and behaviours on the part of individuals.
  • Team or department meeting to set objectives and bring members together.
  • Work group going through a difficult time or in need of a new impetus to motivate people.
  1. Development of a tailor-made programme to achieve the objectives set:
  • Use of diagnostic tools to analyse the group or the organisation, detect areas to work on and involve people in the improvement process.
  • Development of group activities and dynamics with the aim of putting participants in a situation, fostering interpersonal relationships and team spirit in a motivating context (gamification).
  • Analysis sessions of the activities to encourage reflection and the generation of ideas in a process that enhances group intelligence..
  • Preparation of group action plans to be implemented subsequently in the team or organisation.
  1. Follow-up:
  • Delivery of a report on conclusions and recommendations, including the initial diagnosis, the activities carried out and the results obtained in the reflection processes.
  • Implementation of the actions proposed by the participants themselves with the aim of making people take responsibility for the improvement process to achieve the objectives set at the beginning.
  • Subsequently, a new survey or measurement tool is used to assess the progress made by the individuals and groups involved in the project.


Talent in Motivation
  • Throughout his career in training and development consultancy, Frederic Charrier has had the opportunity to lead and participate in the organisation of dozens of teams and departmental cohesion and motivation programmes for all types of groups and organisations, some of which have mobilised up to 500 participants.
  • Throughout his experience and training, Frederic has accumulated knowledge in outdoor activities, theatre techniques, gamification in the framework of training and simulation games (among other methodologies) as well as developed team and large group facilitation skills.
  • Beyond the activities themselves, his experience has focused on using these tools to achieve objectives related to the company’s mission, vision and values, the cohesion and motivation of work teams and an improvement in the working environment.

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