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Talent in motivation: Consultancy and improvement of the climate of a work team immersed in a process of change.

The following is a Talent in Motivation success story on team development, where names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.

COMPANY: multinational in the FMCG sector with several work centres in Spain.

DESCRIPTION: programme to develop cohesion and motivation in a work team of the organisation’s central services.

TARGET AUDIENCE: 7 people, a department head and 6 direct employees.


Department having gone through several successive changes that have affected leadership and employee management, perceived recognition by team members, working pace and workload among other things. For these reasons, there is a need to give new impetus to the team to strengthen communication, cohesion, and enthusiasm among people around a common project.


  • Pre-diagnosis phase of the team.
  • Development of a programme alternating group moments (team building sessions, with feedback and reflection on common issues) and individual moments (coaching and follow-up interviews with each of the team members).
  • Use of experiential activities during group sessions to put participants in situations where they are required to interact and be able to analyse their teamwork afterwards.


  • Use of a team diagnostic tool to determine how participants perceive their team, and how they perceive each other.
  • Coaching session with the manager prior to the first team session.
  • 5-day face-to-face group session to share the results of the diagnosis, work with the team on certain aspects of improvement that are identified, carry out a group dynamic with subsequent feedback to reflect on the team’s practices in terms of collaboration and communication, and draw up a group action plan at the end of the session.
  • Individual interviews with each of the team members to discuss individual aspects of the diagnostic results (perception of each of them by their peers).
  • Subsequent ‘on-the-job’ activity to put into practice some of the aspects dealt with in the session (communication and effectiveness issues).
  • Half-day face-to-face group follow-up session after a few months with the aim of carrying out a new diagnosis to assess the team’s climate, review the group action plan, addressing both the achievements and the obstacles encountered, and set a new action plan for the following months.
  • Final round of interviews with all team members to gather the perception of the current situation of each one with respect to the beginning of the programme and considering the progress of the action plan and the present situation of the team.


Over a period of six months, this programme has made it possible to:

  • Achieve measurable improvement of the team climate (pre- and post-diagnosis).
  • Openly address certain critical issues for the team.
  • Achieve more open communication among members.
  • Improve work processes to increase the effectiveness of participants.

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