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Talent in coaching: Coaching process to prepare for a difficult conversation.

The following is a Talent in People success story on coaching, where names have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.

COMPANY: public company present throughout Spain.

DESCRIPTION: individual coaching process.

TARGET AUDIENCE: a middle management employee of a local intervention team.


Conflict situation with a senior manager that is generating a climate problem in the team and requires a conversation with this person to address and deal with a specific problem (aspects related to roles within the team and the absence of assertive communication).


  • Professional coaching process in which an individual plan adapted to a specific personal situation is made to:
    • Promote the improvement of the individual’s performance and professional interaction with their immediate environment.
    • Help to detect internal barriers and limiting beliefs that hinder problem solving.
    • Support the development of specific competences such as leadership or communication.
  • The methodology is based on reflective questioning (use of ‘clean questions’) and empathic listening, which allows participants to find their own answers and make their own decisions, considering their values, expectations and personality.
  • By limiting the coaching process to a specific aspect from the beginning, it is possible to reduce the number of sessions (in this case there were three).


  • A first session to create context, reflect on the person’s objectives for their difficult conversation, and learn about their motivations, constraints, and expectations, so that a plan of action can be drawn up.
  • A second session to prepare for the interview (difficult conversation), including the following aspects: positive and negative beliefs, barriers and limiting prejudices, guidelines for initiating and conducting the interview, mistakes to avoid, etc.
  • A third session after the interview to analyse what happened, what was achieved, what difficulties were encountered, to learn from the experience and to plan for the next steps in the relationship with the other person.


The development of this coaching action has made it possible to:

  • Address and carry out a particularly difficult conversation.
  • Reduce stress in the participant.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the team climate and to initiate a more open communication process.

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