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Talent in training: Tranversal competence ddevelopment programme for an entire organisation

The following is an example of a training programme aimed at a large group (more than 500 people in a multinational company) to develop and reinforce different competencies aimed at improving relations and the effectiveness of the organisation’s people and teams.

COMPANY: multinational company in the industrial engineering sector with several manufacturing centres in Spain.

DESCRIPTION: design, development and delivery of training pathways aimed at developing competencies and skills throughout the organisation.

TARGET AUDIENCE: around 500 people, mainly middle management, and technical staff of the organisation.


Annual skills development programme related on the one hand to the company’s main values, and on the other hand to a series of 10 transversal competencies to be taught to managers, middle management, technicians, and specialists.


  • Design of all learning pathways
  • Blended format of the pathways, with:
    • Questionnaires and remote pre-activities.
    • Face-to-face workshop
    • Implementation of activities in the workplace.
    • Follow-up interviews on individual action plans.
  • Application of experiential methodologies in all workshops to facilitate the implementation of the skills targeted by the programmes.


  • Pre-work questionnaire to help participants reflect on key aspects of their performance related to a competence, as well as a pre-work activity (e.g., reading an article).
  • Workshops lasting 1.5 or 2 days for each competence, with the use of experiential learning methodologies (indoor and outdoor group dynamics, gamification, theatrical training techniques or business simulations depending on the case).
  • Development of an individual action plan with the aim of transferring learning to the workplace.
  • Subsequent ‘on-the-job’ activity to put into practice some of the aspects dealt with in the workshop.
  • Individual follow-up session by phone call, to review the action plan (addressing achievements as well as obstacles and difficulties encountered), resolve doubts and give feedback on pre-work and post-work activities.


Ambitious and successful far-reaching programme, which integrates:

  • Development aimed at a broad target group (to date more than 500 participants have gone through at least one pathway).
  • Individual follow-up of participants.
  • The development of good practice throughout the organisation based on the lessons learned from the programmes.

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